Disposable Surgical Gowns, Standard Performance, EN 13795
    • Size: L, XL, XXL

    • Color: Blue

    • Cuff: Knitted

    • Package: 20/18 eaches per case

    • Standard In Compliance: EN 13795, Standard Performance

    • Product Description

      Our standard EN 13795 surgical gown is made of breathable SMS fabrics, available in both Set-in and Reglon design. it is intended to be used for preventing the transmission of infective agents between clinical staffs and patients during surgical and other invasive procedures.

      This standard surgical gown is provided with one surgical towel for your operation needs. knitted cuffs allow you wide adjustment of sleeves while doning.

      Standard payment

      • Made with high protective SMMS material

      • w/ knitted cuff

      • Available in both set-in/reglondesign

      • w/ Velcro closure


      ColorMedical blue
      SeamHeat Seal (critical area)
      Latex Free?Yes
      Microbial Penetration - Dry, CFU< 300 (Less critical area)
      Microbial Penetration - Wet, IB2.8 (Critical area)
      Cleanliness Microbial/Bioburden, CFU/100 cm2< 300 (Critical area and less critical area)
      Particle Release (Lint), Log10< 4.0 (Critical area and less critical area)
      Liquid Penetration, cm/H2O> 20 (Critical area); > 10 (Less critical area)
      Bursting Strength - Dry, kPa> 40 (Critical area and less critical area)
      Bursting Strength - Wet, kPa> 40 (Critical area)
      Tensile Strength - Dry, N> 20 (Critical area and less critical area)
      Tensile Strength - Wet, N> 20 (Critical area)

      Ording Information

      Product CodeDescriptionPacking Factor
      G8111Surgical Gown, Set-in, Standard, Large20/cs
      G8121Surgical Gown, Set-in, Standard, X-Large20/cs
      G8131Surgical Gown, Set-in, Standard, XX-Large18/cs
      G8112Surgical Gown, Reglon, Standard, Large20/cs
      G8122Surgical Gown, Reglon, Standard, X-Large20/cs
      G8132Surgical Gown, Reglon, Standard, XX-Large18/cs

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