High Quality Masks to Curb The Spread of COVID-19
Author:By Multihealth Co. Ltd.
Time: 2021-01-20

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    Masks made of any material are better than not worn, but this does not mean that masks made of different materials have the same effect in defending covid-19. At present, many masks with different materials and shapes have been studied to determine which method is the most effective to reduce the inhalation of virus particles. But more importantly, scientists are calling on the U.S. government to supervise the production, sale and wearing of high-quality masks to reduce the spread of the epidemic.

    At present, the epidemic situation in the United States has gradually stabilized. Users can buy cheap reusable masks, medical masks, and even N95 respirators in some cases (reserved for medical professionals in most places in the United States). However, masks made of various materials vary widely, so they differ in public protection.

    There are many high-quality, reusable fabric masks on the U.S. market, including fabric masks with multi-layer tight weave and masks for inserting disposable filters. But there are also many cheap, nonstandard stitching masks on the market, usually only one layer of fabric, and loose stitches and poor fit can not provide proper protection.

    So far, it has been determined that high-quality masks are more effective in slowing the diffusion of droplets in the air and protecting individuals wearing them. In the United States, the FDA has made it clear that its first priority is to make everyone wear a mask (any mask) in public, but a choice of high quality is ideal.

    The use of nonwoven cotton wadding or other similar materials can make reusable masks more effective at filtering out viruses that may be carried, according to a new study released by the risk analysis Association. This study refers to these high-quality masks as effective fiber masks (EFM) and cites many existing studies to study the cost of these masks in dollars and the money they save to the public by slowing the spread rate (thousands of dollars).

    The study points out that the government can establish various performance standards for these reusable masks, provide manufacturers with standardized methods to test and label their masks, help consumers make safer choices, and even put forward minimum quality standards for masks.